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# -*- mode: python; coding: iso-8859-1 -*-
# :Progetto: vcpx -- Test shell wrappers
# :Creato:   mar 20 apr 2004 16:49:23 CEST
# :Autore:   Lele Gaifax <lele@nautilus.homeip.net>
# :Licenza:  GNU General Public License

from unittest import TestCase
from vcpx.shwrap import ExternalCommand, PIPE, STDOUT

00011 class SystemCommand(TestCase):
    """Perform some basic tests of the wrapper"""

00014     def testExitStatusForTrue(self):
        """Verify ExternalCommand exit_status of ``true``.

        c = ExternalCommand(['true'])
        self.assertEqual(c.exit_status, 0)

00022     def testExitStatusForFalse(self):
        """Verify ExternalCommand exit_status of ``false``.

        c = ExternalCommand(['false'])
        self.assertNotEqual(c.exit_status, 0)

00030     def testExitStatusUnknownCommand(self):
        """Verify ExternalCommand raise OSError for non existing command.

        c = ExternalCommand(['/does/not/exist'])
        self.assertRaises(OSError, c.execute)

00037     def testStandardOutput(self):
        """Verify that ExternalCommand redirects stdout."""

        c = ExternalCommand(['echo'])
        out = c.execute("ciao", stdout=PIPE)[0]
        self.assertEqual(out.read(), "ciao\n")

        out = c.execute('-n', stdout=PIPE)[0]
        self.assertEqual(out.read(), '')

        out = c.execute("ciao")[0]
        self.assertEqual(out, None)

00050     def testStandardError(self):
        """Verify that ExternalCommand redirects stderr."""

        c = ExternalCommand(['darcs', 'ciao'])
        out, err = c.execute("ciao", stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
        self.assert_("darcs failed:  Invalid command 'ciao'!" in err.read())

00057     def testWorkingDir(self):
        """Verify that the given command is executed in the specified
        working directory.

        c = ExternalCommand(['pwd'], '/tmp')
        out = c.execute(stdout=PIPE)[0]
        self.assertEqual(out.read(), "/tmp\n")

00066     def testStringification(self):
        """Verify the conversion from sequence of args to string"""

        c = ExternalCommand(['some spaces here'])
        self.assertEqual(str(c), '$ "some spaces here"')

        c = ExternalCommand(['a "double quoted" arg'])
        self.assertEqual(str(c), r'$ "a \"double quoted\" arg"')

        c = ExternalCommand([r'a \" backslashed quote mark\\'])
        self.assertEqual(str(c), r'$ "a \\\" backslashed quote mark\\\\"')

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