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vcpx::target::SyncronizableTargetWorkingDir Class Reference

Inherits workdir::WorkingDir.

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Detailed Description

This is an abstract working dir usable as a *shadow* of another
kind of VC, sharing the same working directory.

Most interesting entry points are:

    to replay an already applied changeset, to mimic the actions
    performed by the upstream VC system on the tree such as
    renames, deletions and adds.  This is an useful argument to
    feed as ``replay`` to ``applyUpstreamChangesets``

    to initialize a pristine working directory tree under this VC
    system, possibly extracted under a different kind of VC

Subclasses MUST override at least the _underscoredMethods.

Definition at line 34 of file target.py.

Public Member Functions

def importFirstRevision
def prepareTargetRepository
def prepareWorkingDirectory
def replayChangeset

Static Public Attributes

string PATCH_NAME_FORMAT = '[%(project)s @ %(revision)s]'

Private Member Functions

def __adaptEntriesPath
def __getPatchNameAndLog
def __getPrefixToSource
def _adaptChangeset
def _adaptEntries
def _addEntries
def _addPathnames
def _addSubtree
def _commit
def _dismissChangeset
def _getCommitEntries
def _initializeWorkingDir
def _normalizeEntryPaths
def _prepareTargetRepository
def _prepareWorkingDirectory
def _removeEntries
def _removePathnames
def _renameEntries
def _renamePathname
def _replayChangeset
def _tag

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