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def vcpx::repository::Repository::_validateConfiguration (   self  )  [private]

Validate the configuration, possibly altering/completing it.

Definition at line 99 of file repository.py.

00099                                     :
        Validate the configuration, possibly altering/completing it.

        if self.EXECUTABLE:
            from os import getenv, pathsep
            from os.path import isabs, exists, join
            from vcpx.config import ConfigurationError
            from sys import platform

            if isabs(self.EXECUTABLE):
                ok = exists(self.EXECUTABLE)
                ok = False
                mswindows = (platform == "win32")
                for path in getenv('PATH').split(pathsep):
                    if exists(join(path, self.EXECUTABLE)):
                        ok = True
                    elif mswindows:
                        for ext in ['.exe', '.bat']:
                            if exists(join(path, self.EXECUTABLE + ext)):
                                self.EXECUTABLE += ext
                                ok = True
                    if ok:
            if not ok:
                self.log.critical("Cannot find external command %r",
                raise ConfigurationError("The command %r used "
                                         "by %r does not exist in %r!" %
                                         (self.EXECUTABLE, self.name,

    def workingDir(self):

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