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def vcpx::darcs::DarcsWorkingDir::_applyChangeset (   self,
) [private]

Do the actual work of applying the changeset to the working copy.

Definition at line 250 of file darcs.py.

00250                                         :
        Do the actual work of applying the changeset to the working copy.

        from re import escape

        needspatchesopt = False
        if hasattr(changeset, 'darcs_hash'):
            selector = '--match'
            revtag = 'hash ' + changeset.darcs_hash
        elif changeset.revision.startswith('tagged '):
            selector = '--tag'
            revtag = changeset.revision[7:]
            selector = '--match'
            revtag = 'date "%s" && author "%s"' % (
            # The 'exact' matcher doesn't groke double quotes:
            # """currently there is no provision for escaping a double
            # quote, so you have to choose between matching double
            # quotes and matching spaces"""
            if not '"' in changeset.revision:
                revtag += ' && exact "%s"' % changeset.revision.replace('%', '%%')
                needspatchesopt = True

        cmd = self.repository.command("pull", "--all", "--quiet",
                                      selector, revtag)

        if needspatchesopt:
            cmd.extend(['--patches', escape(changeset.revision)])

        pull = ExternalCommand(cwd=self.basedir, command=cmd)
        output = pull.execute(stdout=PIPE, stderr=STDOUT, input='y')[0]

        if pull.exit_status:
            raise ChangesetApplicationFailure(
                "%s returned status %d saying\n%s" %
                (str(pull), pull.exit_status, output.read()))

        conflicts = []
        line = output.readline()
        while line:
            if line.startswith('We have conflicts in the following files:'):
                files = output.readline()[:-1].split('./')[1:]
                self.log.warning("Conflict after 'darcs pull': %s",
                                 ' '.join(files))
                conflicts.extend(['./' + f for f in files])
            line = output.readline()

        cmd = self.repository.command("changes", selector, revtag,
                                      "--xml-output", "--summ")
        changes = ExternalCommand(cwd=self.basedir, command=cmd)
        last = changesets_from_darcschanges(changes.execute(stdout=PIPE)[0])
        if last:

        return conflicts

    def _handleConflict(self, changeset, conflicts, conflict):

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