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# -*- mode: python; coding: utf-8 -*-
# :Progetto: vcpx -- Changesets
# :Creato:   ven 11 giu 2004 15:31:18 CEST
# :Autore:   Lele Gaifax <lele@nautilus.homeip.net>
# :Licenza:  GNU General Public License

Changesets are an object representation of a set of changes to some files.

__docformat__ = 'reStructuredText'

00014 class ChangesetEntry(object):
    Represent a changed entry in a Changeset.

    For our scope, this simply means an entry ``name``, the original
    ``old_revision``, the ``new_revision`` after this change, an
    ``action_kind`` to denote the kind of change, and finally a ``status``
    to indicate possible conflicts.

    ADDED = 'ADD'


    def __init__(self, name):
        self.name = name
        self.old_name = None
        self.old_revision = None
        self.new_revision = None
        self.action_kind = None
        self.status = None
        self.unidiff = None # This is the unidiff of this particular entry

    def __str__(self):
        if self.action_kind == self.ADDED:
            return '%s (new at %s)' % (self.name, self.new_revision)
        elif self.action_kind == self.DELETED:
            return '%s (deleted)' % self.name
        elif self.action_kind == self.UPDATED:
            return "%s (update to %s)" % (self.name,
            return '%s (rename from %s)' % (self.name, self.old_name)

from textwrap import TextWrapper
from re import compile, MULTILINE

itemize_re = compile('^[ ]*[-*] ', MULTILINE)

def refill(msg):
    Refill a changelog message.

    Normalize the message reducing multiple spaces and newlines to single
    spaces, recognizing common form of ``bullet lists``, that is paragraphs
    starting with either a dash "-" or an asterisk "*".

    wrapper = TextWrapper()
    res = []
    items = itemize_re.split(msg.strip())

    if len(items)>1:
        # Remove possible first empty split, when the message immediately
        # starts with a bullet
        if not items[0]:
            del items[0]

        if len(items)>1:
            wrapper.initial_indent = '- '
            wrapper.subsequent_indent = ' '*2

    for item in items:
        if item:
            words = filter(None, item.strip().replace('\n', ' ').split(' '))
            normalized = ' '.join(words)

    return '\n\n'.join(res)

00090 class Changeset(object):
    Represent a single upstream Changeset.

    This is a container of each file affected by this revision of the tree.

    ANONYMOUS_USER = "anonymous"
    """Author name when it is not known"""

    """Refill changelogs"""

00103     def __init__(self, revision, date, author, log, entries=None, **other):
        Initialize a new Changeset.

        self.revision = revision
        self.date = date
        # Author name may be missing, to mean a check in made by an
        # anonymous user.
        self.author = author or self.ANONYMOUS_USER
        self.entries = entries or []
        self.unidiff = None        # This is the unidiff of the whole changeset
        self.tags = other.get('tags', None)

    def __eq__(self, other):
        return (self.revision == other.revision and
                self.date == other.date and
                self.author == other.author)

    def __ne__(self, other):
        return (self.revision <> other.revision or
                self.date <> other.date or
                self.author <> other.author)

    def setLog(self, log):
        if self.REFILL_MESSAGE:
            self.log = refill(log)
            self.log = log.strip()

00134     def addEntry(self, entry, revision):
        Facility to add an entry.

        e = ChangesetEntry(entry)
        e.new_revision = revision
        return e

    def __str__(self):
        s = []
        s.append('Revision: %s' % self.revision)
        s.append('Date: %s' % str(self.date))
        s.append('Author: %s' % self.author)
        for ak in ['Modified', 'Removed', 'Renamed', 'Added']:
            entries = getattr(self, ak.lower()+'Entries')()
            if entries:
                if ak == 'Renamed':
                    entries = ['%s (from %s)' % (e.name, e.old_name)
                               for e in entries]
                    entries = [e.name for e in entries]
                s.append('%s: %s' % (ak, ','.join(entries)))
        s.append('Log: %s' % self.log)
        return '\n'.join(s)

00161     def applyPatch(self, working_dir, patch_options="-p1"):
        Apply the changeset using ``patch(1)`` to a given directory.

        from shwrap import ExternalCommand
        from source import ChangesetApplicationFailure

        if self.unidiff:
            cmd = ["patch"]
            if patch_options:
                if isinstance(patch_options, basestring):
                    cmd.extend(patch_options.split(' '))

            patch = ExternalCommand(cwd=working_dir, command=cmd)

            if patch.exit_status:
                raise ChangesetApplicationFailure(
                    "%s returned status %s" % (str(patch), patch.exit_status))

00184     def addedEntries(self):
        Facility to extract a list of added entries.

        return [e for e in self.entries if e.action_kind == e.ADDED]

00191     def modifiedEntries(self):
        Facility to extract a list of modified entries.

        return [e for e in self.entries if e.action_kind == e.UPDATED]

00198     def removedEntries(self):
        Facility to extract a list of deleted entries.

        return [e for e in self.entries if e.action_kind == e.DELETED]

00205     def renamedEntries(self):
        Facility to extract a list of renamed entries.

        return [e for e in self.entries if e.action_kind == e.RENAMED]

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