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# -*- mode: python; coding: utf-8 -*-
# :Progetto: vcpx -- ArX stuff
# :Creato:   ven 24 giu 2005 20:42:46 CEST
# :Autore:   Lele Gaifax <lele@nautilus.homeip.net>
# :Licenza:  GNU General Public License
# Modified 2005 by Walter Landry for ArX

This module implements the backends for ArX.

__docformat__ = 'reStructuredText'

from shwrap import ExternalCommand, ReopenableNamedTemporaryFile
from target import SyncronizableTargetWorkingDir, TargetInitializationFailure
from source import ChangesetApplicationFailure

class ArxWorkingDir(SyncronizableTargetWorkingDir):

    ## SyncronizableTargetWorkingDir

    def _addPathnames(self, names):
        Add some new filesystem objects.

        cmd = self.repository.command("add")
        ExternalCommand(cwd=self.basedir, command=cmd).execute(names)

    def _commit(self, date, author, patchname, changelog=None, entries=None):
        Commit the changeset.

        from time import mktime
        from locale import getpreferredencoding

        encoding = ExternalCommand.FORCE_ENCODING or getpreferredencoding()

        logmessage = []
        if patchname:
        if changelog:
            logmessage.append(changelog.replace('%', '%%').encode(encoding))

        cmd = self.repository.command("commit", "-s", '\n'.join(logmessage),
                                      "--author", author.encode(encoding),
                                      "--date", date.isoformat())
        c = ExternalCommand(cwd=self.basedir, command=cmd)

        if c.exit_status:
            raise ChangesetApplicationFailure("%s returned status %d" %
                                              (str(c), c.exit_status))

    def _removePathnames(self, names):
        Remove some filesystem object.

        cmd = self.repository.command("rm")
        ExternalCommand(cwd=self.basedir, command=cmd).execute(names)

    def _renamePathname(self, oldname, newname):
        Rename a filesystem object.

        cmd = self.repository.command("copy")
        rename = ExternalCommand(cwd=self.basedir, command=cmd)
        rename.execute(oldname, newname)

    def _initializeWorkingDir(self):
        Setup the ArX working copy

        The user must setup a ArX working directory himself. Then
        we simply use 'arx commit', without having to specify an archive
        or branch. ArX looks up the archive and branch in it's _arx

        from os.path import exists, join
        from dircache import listdir
        from dualwd import IGNORED_METADIRS
        from os import walk

        if not exists(join(self.basedir, '_arx')):
            raise TargetInitializationFailure("Please setup '%s' as an ArX working directory" % self.basedir)


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